Monday, October 5, 2009

Hey guys,
My name is Shelby Mackey. I'm currently in my first year at the University of Regina taking secondary education. I'm a major in math and a minor in english. I'm taking a class called ECMP 355 and so I've been assigned to work with you in your class as a mentorship.
A little about myself, I'm 18 years old born and raised in Moose Jaw, SK. My family consists of me, my mom and dad, and my little brother who is in grade ten right now. I also have a chocolate labrador named Jake, and a cat named Bailey. I love sports, I've played all my life. My favourites are soccer and basketball, and I like playing tennis, football, badminton, and many others.
I have a blog, you can access it here. Check it out, it's for my ECMP class so there's not much there yet.
I look forward to working with you ad have fun in school:)!
Shelby Mackey



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