Sunday, October 18, 2009

Raquel 8-73 Question # 9-11

a) Hockey and Baseball are the same because if you put both of them into decimals they would be the same. If you but them in a decimal form it is 1.5.

b) The ratio of wins to total games played for hockey is 9:15. In a fraction it would be 9/15. In a decimal it would be 0.6. If it was a percent it would be 60%

a)The blue and the white represent 1 to 5
b)The blue, the red and the white represent 1:6:5
c)6 of the red tiles is half of all the other tiles.
d)The red tiles and the white tiles equals 11. The total of all the tiles equals up to 12. So the ratio is rw:total


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