Monday, October 19, 2009

Razel's Scribepost for October 16, 2009

Question #19

a) Write a ratio in fractional form to compare the length of the Churchill River and the Mackenzie River. Express the ratio as a fraction in lowest terms.

Answer: Churchill River to Mackenzie River,1608/1800=67/75

b) Write a ratio in decimal form to compare the length of the North Saskatchewan River and the Fraser River. Express the ratio as a decimal correct to the nearest hundredth.

Answer: North Saskatchewan River to Fraser River , 1368/1392 =1.02

c) The calculator keying sequence that compares the length of the Thelon River and the Churchill River is C 904 ÷ 1608 = 0.5621890547 Write the decimal to the nearest hundredth. What comparison statement can you make about the length of the two rivers?

Answer: Thelon River to Churchill River 0.56 ,Churchill River is twice the Thelon River.



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