Monday, October 12, 2009

Vicky's Coin Scribepost

On October 9 we worked in groups to make up questions about a jar that is full of American coins that values $100. We have to make a scribe of 2 questions. One PURPLE question and one RED or BLUE.

QUESTION 1: Would the jar look the same if it were converted to Canadian money?
My answer is no. It would not look the same. It would not look the same because Americans use paper money unlike Canadians which we use coins "Loonies and Toonies". The jar would probably look less full because the loonies
and toonies would replace all the other

QUESTION 2: How full is the jar?
By the looks of it, the jar looks 3/4 full. Because if you divide it in a half then divide those halves in half it would turn into quarters. The coins only take up 3 quarters of the jar. (Sorry if it wasn't very mathematical)

Sorry that this picture is kind of inaccurate.
It includes the 50 cent coin which doesn't
really count. :)

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope you all had a good one! ^_^

Part 2:

OCT 13

QUESTION 1: How much of the jar is filled with Canadian coins?
I know that there are 370 coins worth of coins in the jar. The amount of American coins is 780. The amount of Canadian coins are 370 coins. 370 is about half of the 780 coins. So I just divided the 75 into 2 which is 37.5 and that gives me my answer. The Canadian coins occupy about 37.5% of the jar.

QUESTION 2: Could you fill the jar with $100 American and $100 Canadian?
No you can not. To get this answer I first used the information I knew. Which was the amount of American coins were 780 and the percentage that the American coins filled the jar was 75 percent. Then I had to figure out the percentage of the Canadian money. The amount of coins of Canadian coins were 370. So I used a ratio chart and found the percentage of it. The percentage of the Canadian coins were 48%. So I added botht the percentages together. It equalled 123%. Then 23% would be left over on top of the jar. So the jar can not hold the American and Canadian coins.


ChristineAnne8-73 October 12, 2009 at 7:33 PM  

great job vicky! nice pictures. happy thanks giving to you too! ;D

Caitlin873 October 12, 2009 at 11:29 PM  
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Eric.P 8-73 October 13, 2009 at 6:41 PM  

Good job I liked the picture.


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