Wednesday, October 28, 2009

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Determine the unit rate in each situation.
a) Brandon runs 150 m in 25 s.b) Kira earns $88 for working 8 h.c) Cat food costs $9 for five cans.

A.)150÷25=6 meters per seconds
B.)88÷8=11 per hour
C.)9÷5=1.8 per can

At Ed’s Grocery, one brand of salsa is sold in the following containersizes. Which container of salsa is the best buy? Show your work.

1. $3.44 ÷ 475mL=0.0074
2. $6.29 ÷ 642mL=0.00979
3. $15.49 ÷ 1.7L=9.111L

Container no. 3 is the best buy salsa.



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