Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Alexander's Coin Math

If you share the $ with 10 people how much does everyone get?
Everyone would get $10 each because 100/10 = 10.

How much is the jar with in Canadian Currency?
The jar would still be $100 because only the dollar is a different price all the coins except for the 1 dollar coin and 2 dollar coin are the same amount. If I use penny from Canada in America it would still be worth 1 cent not 0.82 or something cents.

What is the total of the money in the jar?
The total amount of money in the jar is $100.


How much of the jar is filled with Canadian coins?
The jar is filled 35.5% by the Canadian coins because the amount of coins the jar could hold is 1040 and 1% of 1040 is 10.4, and 10% of 1040 is 104, so 30% is 312, if I add 1%, I would get 322.4 coins and 31% if I repeat what I did 2 more times I would get 343.2 coins and 33%, again I would repeat what I did twice so I would get 364 coins and 35% now if I got half of 1% it would be 5.2 coins and 0.5% if I add that to what I have now it would be 369.2 and 35.5%. I know that it's not 370 but it would take a lot of decimal percent so I just rounded it off.

Could you fill the jar with $ 100 American and $ 100 Canadian? Why?
No you couldn't because American coins take up 75% of the jar and Canadian coins take up 35.5% of the jar. 75%+35.5%=110.5% and that is more than 100%.


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