Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Krystal`s Scribe September 30

Question 10:


A:The graph is misleading because it has a break between 0 and 200 on the vertical axis.

B:The profits increased four times from January to June.

C: The profits are two and a half times higher then they were in January.


Richard's Scribe Post for September 30

1. a) He wants to make a distorted graph that will show a great improvement in his quiz?

Answer: This graph shows the great improvement because the large distance in the y-axis that is why it is called distorted.

1.b) Draw a new graph that display the data more accurately ?

Answer: It shows accuracy because of large distance based on the x-axis

1.c) How are the two graphs different ?

Answer: The differ from distances that they occupy


Amiel Question number 9

9. The two graphs show the number of
health bars sold by two students.

a) How are the two graphs different?
b) For each graph, what conclusion would
you make about health bar sales?
c) Which graph gives a more accurate
comparison of sales ? explain


A) The graph A, the numbers go up by 2o s while in

Graph B, the numbers go up by 100 s

B) There 's not much differences b/w the two

Graph A is just 5% less than GRAPH B

C) Graph A because it starts from a lower number and

pattern's not that hard ti find out


Michael's Scribe Post for Sept. 30

Question 17:

A)Make a bar graph to display the data

Answer to A:

B)Total the crimes for every 2 years.Make a new bar graph to display this data

Answer to B:

C)What can you conclude from the 2nd bar graph? Explain
Answer to B: I think that the 2nd Bar graph shows that the crimes went down by a little.

D)How is the 2nd graph misleading?

Answer to C: It is misleading because you wouldn't know how much crimes there was each year.


Cole's Scribepost for September 30, '09


a) Explain how this graph could be misleading. This graph is misleading because Scott's bar is more wide than Bryce's and there is a break in the X-axis.

b) What conclusion does the graph suggest about Scott's progress compared with Bryce's progress? Scott's progress looks far more ahead of Bryce's but, its only 1 more interval then Bryce.

c) Describe how to redraw the graph to represent the data more accurately. I would make the bars equal in size, I would take away the break in the X-axis and shorten the graph to make it less misleading.

Note: I forgot how to get pictures from


Vicky's Scribe Post for Sept 30

a) Which burger seems to be the favourite? Explain.
The Big Cheese burger seems to be the favourite. Because it is bigger than the Bonzo Burger.
b) How is the graph misleading?
It is misleading because it doesn't say how much people were tested and you don't know if The Big Cheese burger is actually precisely 12% larger
than the Bonzo Burger.
c) How should the graph be redrawn to represent
the data more accurately?
This can be redrawn into a bar graph to make it
more accurate.


kaitlin's scribepost for september 30 2009

Question 13:

The 2 circle graphs are meant to repersent the same information.Does it appear that way? Explain

Answer : A) the sector sizes of the graphs are different so the information is not the same.

Identify the errors in graph A.

Answer : A) the sizes of sectors in graph A do not coincide with their percents.


Allen's scribepost for september 30 2009

6. a. From the pictograph, which fruit seems
to sell the best? Explain.
- Apples seems to sell the best, cause the size of the fruits are diffrent than other.

b. Does it seem that more cherries were
sold or more peaches? Explain.
- There more peaches sold than cherries, cherries only sold 90kg and peaches sold 100kg.

c. How should the pictograph be redrawn
to represent the data more accurately?
- Pictograph can be represent the data more accurately is by using the same size on all the fruits.

Note: please comment on anything i missed or typos. Thanks
Sorry that there no picture. i forgot how to put the picture on on here


Kim's Scribepost for 09/30/09

Question #15

The grade 8 students voted on where
hold their year-end party. The results
the vote were presented in this graph.

a) Based on the graph, how many times more popular was the beach than the pool?

For my answer, I put that the beach had 25 more votes
than the pool.

b) Leah concluded that the majority of the students
want to go to the beach. Is she
correct? Explain.

In my opinion Leah is correct because
graph shows that the beach has the most votes.

c) Draw a new graph to represent the data more accurately.

I chose the circle graph to represent
the data more accurately.


Eric.P's Scribepost for September 30 2009

13 a) The 2 circle graphs are meant to represent the same information.
Does it appear that way? Explain

Answer: It does not appear that way because the shapes from D and C are different.

B) Identify the errors in graph A.

Answers: D is to large and C is too small.


jerick scribepost question 18 october 1

This is my scribe for question # 18 .

Grade 8 students were surveyed about their weekly use of a computer.

Time Daily/ 2 to 6 days /Less than 2 days
Frequency/12 /20/ 8

Draw a diagram to support an argument that Grade 8 students are not using the computer too often .

( i could not apply my diagram on the computer so i guess ill just explain my thoughts about the question )

My thoughts on this question are , that the students don't use it too often because 20 students said that they use the computer between 2 - 6 days and only 8 said that they use it in less than 6 days . Students should use the computer almost everyday.

Thank you ! for reading this post . P.S. sorry no pictures .


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Jemineth's scribepost for september 24 2009

Check Your Understanding
( question #6 )

6. For a science fair experiment, Mitchell
measured the height of a plant every
Monday for four weeks. He displayed the
data in a line graph and a pictograph.

a) What information does each graph provide ?
  • Tally Chart
  • Line Graph
  • Pictograph
All of those graphs above give or show representation of the same data(s).
( How long the plant grows every week ) Each graph has its own way of showing the plants growth in which case, the Tally Chart shows the plants growth by a chart with the weeks number on one column, and the cm of the growth in the other column. The way that the Line Graph shows the growth over time is by placing the dot somewhere in the grid paper, which is measured by the area and the intervals, and connecting the dot to dot as time passes by. Finally , the pictograph shows the plants growth over time by pictures. The pictures will be given a specific value (eg. 10) and once provided that value you are responsible for getting the other answers by working with what you have (value).

b) Between which two weeks did the plant grow at the same rate ?

The plant grew at the same rate between the first week to the second week , and from the second week to the third week.

Why ? Because between those two weeks the growth rate both came up by 20's.

c) Between which two weeks did the plant grow most in height ? Which graph shows this more clearly ?

The plant grew the most between the third week to the fourth week. The graph that shows this clearly is that the line graph.

Why ? Because the line graph is best for showing changes over time. Which means the image given to you has lines, those lines are used to represent the data's . But the what's important is that hose lines weren't put there with no reason , they were placed there in a way that when you first look at the graph to solve questions that involve changes over times , those lines will quickly get your eyes attention.

d) Describe one advantage and one disadvantage of using each graph.

  • Tally Chart
The advantage of using a tally chart is that its good for keeping information, and organization. The disadvantage of using a tally chart is that, when your doing a given work for solving things, its not the best and fastest way to get the answer.

  • Line Graph
The advantage of using a line graph is that it is good for showing and representing data's that involve changes over time. Which makes it preferable the most for types of questions such as #6. A disadvantage of using a line graph is that, sometimes the dots that represent a specific value aren't accurate especially if the intervals are going from one small area on the grid paper to the other with large amounts of numbers . So in order to solve questions its either you try measuring with a ruler, or take a guess on what the value is.

  • Pictograph
The advantage of using a pictograph is that when the pictures that are representing data are accurate to its value. It would be easy to work with and solve things. Another advantage is that a pictograph is also good in showing changes over time especially if values are accurate, but most people prefer a line graph because for them its easier to work with. A disadvantage of using a pictograph is that most of the times, the value of the pictures aren't accurate, so like the line graphs disadvantage its either you measure with a ruler, or take a guess.

This will be the end of my scribe post. Thank you :)

NOTE : That these things (questions ) can be seen @ for home works or for some other things .



Jarret's Scribe Post September 29 2009

Question 5:
The election results for student council president were displayed in a bar graph.
a) Bar B is 4 squares taller than Bar A.
b)B has 100 more votes than A.
c)At first it's low and then goes up then back down.
d)It could have been redrawn as a circle graph to make it easier to read.

Video on Bar Graphs

Sorry I dont have any pictures. I seem to forgotten my password or username for :(


Hannah's scribepost for Sept. 29

Question 4

Samantha recorded the temperature on a
hot day. She displayed the data in a line

a) Explain how this graphy could be misleading.

I think this graph is misleading because from a distance, it looks like there's a big difference in the temperature when there isn't really.

b) What conclusions does the graph suggest about the changes in the temperature?

Um, it concludes that there isn't much of a change in the day's temperature. But the way the graph is written makes it seem that there are big changes in the temperature.

c) How should the graph be redrawn to make the data clearer ?

Maybe if the intervals were labelled in the right way, then the graph wouldn't look so bad.

Example :


Monday, September 28, 2009

Caitlin's Scribepost for September 28

Question 2.

a)Sophie surveyed her friends about their
favourite flavour of ice cream. What
information is missing on the graph?

On the graph i think that the information that is missing is that ,
in the title "Favourite Ice Cream" it wasn't finish ,
i think the title should have been , " Favourite Ice Cream Flavours"
instead of the other title .

b) How could you present this data more

I think this circle graph would need the data like,
they should put the number of people that chose the
favourite flavour of ice cream, and maybe they should have
put the total all together.

Our HOMEWORK are on page 23 questions 1 and 2 on

and we have homework in our homework book page 6 .


Christine's scribepost for September . 28

Question 1
a) How would you make a bar graph to help agree that travis spends most of time sleeping or going to school?
- I would use a pi graph because we need to compare the datas . Travis spends more time sleeping.

b) How would you make a bar graph that Travis could use to argue that he spends almost as much time on homework as he does at school?
- I would use a bar graph . Travis spends more time at school.


Razel's scribepost for September

Question 8:

The table shows the decibel levels of different sounds in the environment.

a) Use a bar graph to display the data. What is one advantage of using a bar graph?

A bar graph shows an comparison of sound levels.

b) Could you use a line graph to display that data?

No, Because the data are not a comparison over a period of time, a line graph would not be a good choice of graph.

c) Could you use a circle graph to display the data? Explain.

A pictograph could be used, but it would not be as good as a bar graph because of the fractions of pictures need to represent these data.


Camille's scribepost for September 28,2009

1.2 Misrepresenting Data

1. Distorting the scale.

2. Distorting visualsAdd Video

3. Distorting the size of bars


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Raquel's scribepost for September

Question #7
The table shows the heights of two friends
measured over time.

a) Use a double bar graph and a double line graph to display the data.

b) How are the trends for Andrea and Lewis similar? How are they different?
Answer: The trends are the same in the the heights cause they both are increasing from ages 2 to 14. The trends are different by Andrea stopping at the age of 14 and Lewis is still growing at the age of 14.

c) Would two circle graphs be effective for displaying the data? Explain why or why not.
Answer: No, because the heights aren't a part of a whole so the circle graph would not be a good idea to use.


Friday, September 25, 2009

Abby's scribepost for September 25

What we did in class today is we move on to the next section of Chapter 1, and the title is Misrepresenting Data.

Believe it or not some people may misinterpret data and draw false conclusions when graphs are misleading.

Misleading features of graph may include the following:
1. Distorting the scale
2. Distorting the information by using visuals of different sizes

Our homework are on pages 20 and 21 on

Page 20: Show You Know

a) Explain how this graph could be misleading.

b) What conclusion does the graph suggest about the price of gas at the end of the day compared with the price at the beginning of the day?

c) Describe how to redraw the graph to represent the data more accurately.

Page 21: Show You Know

a) Explain how this graph could be misleading?

b) What conclusion does the graph suggest about favorite lunch specials?

c) How could you redraw the graph to display it more accurately?

Here's a video I made. Hope you like it! (:

Thanks for viewing my scribe. (:


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Alex's Scribe for Spetember

Question #5

The piano that Sara, Ann, and Min use is available for 40 h of practice every week. The graphs show how they divide the practice time.

What information does each graph provide?
The circle graph shows the percent of the time all three girls used the piano. The bar graph shows the number of hours the girls used the piano.

b) Write and answer one question about the data that can be answered from the circle graph.
What is the largest percent and who's the one it represents? Answer: The largest percent is Ann with 40%.

c) Write and answer one question about the data that can be answered from the bar graph.
What is the lowest number or hours played and who's the one it represents? Answer: The lowest number of hours played is 10 hours by Sara.


Monday, September 7, 2009

Welcome to Blogging

A Colleague of mine Mr. Kuropatwa created this post for his students. Since it is Internet Safety Week please pay attention to the videos below.

Blogging is a very public activity. Anything that gets posted on the internet stays there. Forever. Deleting a post simply removes it from the blog it was posted to. Copies of the post may exist scattered all over the internet. I have come across posts from my students on blogs as far away as Sweden! That is why we are being so careful to respect your privacy and using first names only. We do not use pictures of ourselves. If you really want a graphic image associated with your posting use an avatar -- a picture of something that represents you but IS NOT of you.

Here are a few videos that illustrate some of what I want you to think about:

Two teachers in the U.S.A. worked with their classes to come up with a list of guidelines for student bloggers.

One of them, Bud Hunt, has these suggestions, among others:

  1. Students using blogs are expected to treat blogspaces as classroom spaces. Speech that is inappropriate for class is not appropriate for our blog. While we encourage you to engage in debate and conversation with other bloggers, we also expect that you will conduct yourself in a manner reflective of a representative of this school.
  2. Never EVER EVER give out or record personal information on our blog. Our blog exists as a public space on the Internet. Don’t share anything that you don’t want the world to know. For your safety, be careful what you say, too. Don’t give out your phone number or home address. This is particularly important to remember if you have a personal online journal or blog elsewhere.
  3. Again, your blog is a public space. And if you put it on the Internet, odds are really good that it will stay on the Internet. Always. That means ten years from now when you are looking for a job, it might be possible for an employer to discover some really hateful and immature things you said when you were younger and more prone to foolish things. Be sure that anything you write you are proud of. It can come back to haunt you if you don’t.
  4. Never link to something you haven’t read. While it isn’t your job to police the Internet, when you link to something, you should make sure it is something that you really want to be associated with. If a link contains material that might be creepy or make some people uncomfortable, you should probably try a different source.

Another teacher, Steve Lazar, developed a set of guidelines in consultation with his students. You can read them here.

Look over the guidelines and add the ones you like in the comments section below this post; either from one of Steve's students or one of your own. I think Bud's suggestions are excellent. We'll be using the one's I highlighted above as a basis for how we will use our blog.

Mr. K.

I could not have written it any better. Enjoy blogging and use your head. Thanks

Mr. Harbeck



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