Saturday, October 24, 2009

Jemineths's Bob 2

What I Learned And What I Need To Work On

I really need to work on reading the questions more carefully. To help me solve the questions easier and more understandable, and to enable me to give a clear and understandable answer to people reading my answer or text.

Another thing i need to work on is always remembering rules on using a ratio table .

  1. No Adding or Subtracting In Specific Ways
  2. Whatever You Do To One Side You Must Do To The Other
Last but not the least is that , i have to learn and remember to use the faster ways to get an answer to a question. But at the same time remembering to check over my work, as much as possible to make sure things are as right as it seems, because doing things the faster way doesn't always turn successful "specially" in math.


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