Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Caitlin T's BOB October 6

The Three things I know about graphing are:
1.) There is always an interval on a bar graph(a.k.a bar chart), line graph, double bar graph, and double line graph.
2.)There are 3 ways you can mislead a graph or distort : Distorting the Scale , Distorting the Size of the Bars and Distorting the Visuals.
3.)Line graphs are for showing something over time. Bar graphs are for comparing data by categories or groups(i think). Circle graphs are best for comparing data by using percents. Pictographs are best for comparing data using pictures as a representative.
What I know that would improve my test:
I could've improved if i put more information, exspecially better sentences(which I didn't do). Plus maybe i Should've used that paper that was handed out. && I should've made everything better, like my drawings, my writing etc.



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