Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Alexander's BOB Ratio

Part To Part Ratios:
Blue to Green- 9:2
Orange to Green- 7:2
Blue Vowels To Blue Constants - 5:4

Part to Total Ratios:
Blue to Total -9:18
Orange to Total-7:18

Three Part Ratio
Blue to Orange to Green - 9:7:2

Ratio Notation, Fraction, Decimal, and Percent
Punctuation to Constants
P/C- 1/8, 0.125:1, 12.5%:100%

Equivalent Ratios
Equivalent Ratios are ratios that equal the same. E.g. 10:2 and 5:1 are equivalent.
To make equivalent ratios you can divide or multiply, but always do what you do to one side to the other.

1) What would be a part to part to whole ratio?
2)Show Orange to green or 7:2 ratio notation, fraction, decimal and percent
3)Make an equivalent ratio of blue to green, or 9:2


1 mistake I made was in reading the question and figuring out the ratio order. Like in the question where it asked what was the vote of girls to guys, I put it in the order of guys to girls. For future test I will remember to read over my questions.

1 question I got wrong was the picture frame question. I put 11cm instead of 12.6cm.



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