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Caitlin T's Coin Math for October 9, 2009

First of all Mr. Harbeck showed us the picture below. Then he gave us a task to make 10 questions about the coins in the jar as a group (thats what I think I remembered). Then we had to share our answers with the class so he called each table to yell out there question. Then we figured if the questions we said aloud were questions about math or just silly questions, the answers that werre about math were coloured red and the ones that were silly were left black. Then riight after that Mr. Harbeck told us that all the coins in the jar equal exactly to ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS in American. Then he gave us our assignment which was to pick one PURPLE question and one BLUE or RED. Then we had to post it on the blog and the labels are suppose to be :coinmath,ratio,your display name.


1.Would the jar weight the same if there were $100 Canadian in coins?

NO because American's don't have Loonies and Toonies like Canadian's. The Loonies and Toonies may add more weight to the pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters in the jar.The Americans have one dollar bills and two dollar bills. NOT like Canadian coins there is two extra coins they are called the LOONIE and TOONIE.


These are the two extra coins the LOONIE & TOONIE!! (not taken by me)

If you were to seperate the coins into groups. Which group has the most coins or the highest value?

If i seperated the coins into groups, like if i made a group of pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters. I think the group that would have the most coins would be the pennies. Beacause if you divide the $100 coins too maybe about 10 people. Like if you did this-> 10/100=10. Then that means each person would probably get $2.00 from the pennies which is 200 pennies all together. Then which leads me too the nickels and dimes which is $3.00 and quarters which is $2.00 each then all equals $10.00 for one person. Now tells us that the one that has the most coins is the PENNIES which means that the jar has about 2000 pennies in total.(i think)

Sorry there's no pictures for this question. And sorry I tried my best to make my answer understandable.



If you started dropping coins into the jar on January 1 , 2010. What day would you finish filling up the jar with Canadian dollars and U.S dollars.

i didn't understand this question at all):

How much of the jar is filled with Canadian coins?

Well the jar is filled up probably about 35 % because since the American coins in the jar are 75% or 3/4 full(780 coins in jar,(370 coins for the Canadian coins).Because there are less coins in the Canadain jar, it's because Canadians have two more extra coins called the toonie and loonie.

Could you fill the jar with $ 100 American and $ 100 Canadian ? and why ?

NO! you couldn't fill the jar with $ 100 USD and $ 100 CND together because it would over fill and fall all over the place. Because in in the jar of American coins there are (780 coins) which is about 3/4 or in percentage 75%. And then we come to the Canadian coins which have (370 coins)which is around 35% like I said in the earlier question. Then you put the coins together in the jar. Then add the percents together or just add the numbers 75% + 35% = 110 %(75+35=110).But it still spills over , so you can not add them together unless you get a bigger jar!!


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