Wednesday, October 21, 2009

BOB and ratio

Part to pat
Shades of green to shades of pink ( 3:2 )
Shades of blue to shades of purple ( 3:1 )
Orange to green ( 1:3 )

Part to total
Blue to total ( 3:12 )
Pink to total (2:12)

Three- part
Green to purple to pink (3:1:2)
Total to blue to purple (12:3:1)

Ratio notation, Fraction, Decimal, and Percent

Shades of green to shades of pink ( G:P ) 3/2 , 1.5 , 150 %

Equivalent Ratios

Equivalent ratios are two ratios that have the same value when simplified. For exaple, 3:12 is the ratio of green colored crayons to the total number of crayons. 1:4 is equivalent to 3:12 because 3 and 12 and both divisible by 3. Divide both 3 and 12 by 3, and you get 1:4.


1) Basing on the picture above, make a ratio of the number of vowels to the number of consonants. Express it in lowest terms.

2) How do you know if you can or cannot simplify a ratio ?

3) In lowest terms, make a ratio of the number of blue crayons to the total number of crayons.


The mistakes I did on the test were mostly on the multiple choice questions. I just didn't put the ratio in the right order. The answer is supposed to be 3:7, but instead I chose 7:3. Another mistake I did was that I got the wrong answer for finding the percent.

4. Four students are running for student council president. Of 30 students polled, 15 chose Mikw, 3 chose Patricia, 6 chose Brian, and the rest chose Karen. What is the ratio of votes for girls to votes for boys in the student council election? express the ratio in lowest terms.

a. 3:7 b. 7:3 c. 15;6 d. 21:9

Votes for girls: votes for boys


9/21 divide by 3/3

=3/7 = 3:7



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