Monday, October 12, 2009

Jerick73 Scribepost for October 12 , 2009

This is my post for the Coin Math thing we did on Friday .
We had to come up with questions about this jar of coins on friday and mr. Harbeck recorded all of our questions . Now we have to answer two of those questions , one PURPLE and one BLUE or RED . Here are the questions i chose :
1. How much money is in half a jar? If there is one hundred dollars in the whole jar i would think half of the jar it would be 50 $ since 100 divided 2 equals 50
2. How full is the jar ? Looking at the picture the jar looks 3/4 full .
Thank You For Reading My Post ! :D
Harbeck gave us 2 new questions to answer and here they are :
1.How much of the jar is filled with canadian coins?
With the American Coins it occupied around 75% of the jar ( also 3/4 ) and we used 18 rolls of coins . With Canadian Coins we used approxiemtly half of that so 9 rolls of coins so it would occupy around 20-40 % ( 1/4 not exact ) .
2.Could you fill the jar with 100$ american and 100$ canadian ?
Using the information that was gathered i would conclude that no you can't fill the jar using 100$ american and canadian.


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