Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Eric.P's BOB ratio

4. Part to Part ratios:

Blue:green (1:6) yellow:green (4:6) yellow:blue (4:1)

Part to total ratios:

yellow:total (4:18) green:total (6:18)

Three part ratios:

Blue:green:yellow (1:6:4) Blue:green:total (1:6:18)

5. Show one ratio as a ratio notation, fraction, decimal and percent form.

Blue:green ratio notation: (1:6) fraction: 1/6 decimal: 0.17 percent: 17%

6. Pick one ratio and show how to create equivalent raitos.

Green:total (1:3)

You can get equivalent raitos by dividing and multiplying the ratios.

7. Create 3 questions:

12:36 what ratio would this repersent?

2:9 what ratio would this repersent?

Give 3 diffrent ways to show blue:green.

Part 2:

A mistake I had on my test was that I didn't show all my work.

1. 84 kids got surveyed 18 chose A what is the percent (to one decimal place) of the group chose A.

2. In a student election Carol gets 50% of the votes. If there were 482 votes cast, how many votes did Carol get?


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