Monday, November 30, 2009

Scribepost for November.30

Today to start off the class we had a simple quiz about Squares.

After that we started to work on our foldables.

We made a number line looking like the picture above on our yellow piece of paper , after that we talked to our parnters and tried to figured out different patterns that we saw showing on the number lines.
Patterns: The numbers between the perfect squares increase by 2

For homework you need to fill in what the next two numbers are.


Eric.P's Scribepost for November 30,2009

Today in math we had a quiz.

The quiz was about squares it was pretty simple so most of you should've got it.

After the quiz we got to work on our foldable.

This is kinda what you need to have on the yellow part of the foldable >>>

Then we discussed with out partners patterns with the numbers bwetween the perfect square numbers. We found some patterns like the numbers between the perfect square increase by 2 and the spaces between the perfect square go up by 2.

After that we all had homework to fill in the little number line thing up to 16.
Have Fun :).


%%%%% Rate Growing Post Richard 8-73

Ratio is comparing 2 quantities with the same units.
Rate is comparing 2 quantities with different units.

The difference Rate and Ratio is ratio compares 2 quantities with the same units. And rate compares 2 quantities with different units.

4. Determine the unit rate in each situation.
An orca swims 110km in 2 h. 55km/h.
A Canada goose flies 800km in 12.5 h. 64km/h
Cathy plants 45 daffodills in 30 min. 1.5daff/min.

10. Trevor rode his mountain bike 84 km in 3h. Jullian rode 70 km in 2.5 h. Who's faster.
There both faster because 84 divided by 3 gives you 28 and 70 divided by 2.5 gives you 28. So there the same.

Were also trying o figure out how much ingredients for 10 people and how many for one.
All you need to do is multiply each ingredients by 2.5,


Sunday, November 29, 2009

How to stop the alien by Richard 8-73

I was on my way home to from school. And then I saw something above the sky. It look like a ship. Then there were aliens coming out of the door. And then aliens said that we need your help humans. They need help on math question. And I said yes.

5.)Find the unit rate

a.2 pens for 94 cents.

I used fraction. Cents/Pens

94/2 I divided 94 and 2 by 2. And you should get 47 over 1 like this. 47/1.

b. Delia was paid 35$ for 5 hours of babysitting. how will she get 3 hours.
Money/ Hours =35/5. I divided each side 5. And you should get 7/1. And then I multiplied both sides by 3. You should get 21/3.

Page 68.

13. Two quarters have the same value of ten nickels. What is the value of five quarters in nickel.

2 quarters/10 nickels= 5 quarters/25 nickels.

And the aliens said thank you.


How I stopped an Alien Invasion using Proportion

I was inside my house and then I heard a loud sound comming from my yard. When I looked what it is I was a UFO. The UFO's door opened and a tall, skinny like jelly came out and said " I'm going to take over your planet earth until you tell me what proportion means and giving me 3 equations to know how to use it." So I told then what proportion mean "That proportion is a relationship that says two ratios, or two rates are equivalent ans that it can be explained as a fraction or ratio table" And so after i told them that I gave them 3 questions.

A) Riding a bicycle 50km in 2h find the Unit Rate:

B)A pack of 20 pencils for $4.98, find the unit rate.

C) Running 800m, in 160 s, find the unit rate.


Thursday, November 26, 2009

How I stopped an Alien Invasion using Proportion

Vicky and I were walking home from school when suddenly we saw this bright light fly over our heads and heard a loud crash. Suddenly, smoke appeared and the door came down. We heard high pitched voices. Vicky got scared and ranaway. I never really believed in aliens untill I saw it in real life! I was hiding behind a fence. I moved closer and hid behind a trashcan. The aliens looked! and started walking towards the trashcan. I grabbed a rock so I could hit the alien then I stood up and the Aliens screamed! so I threw the rock at it! and backed away. The Aliens just stood there.. shocked.. after a few seconds, they blinked. then they started to reach for their back pocket! I got ready to throw another rock! then they suddenly held out a piece of paper with letters on them. I noticed it was written in English! Who knew aliens understood english! and I also noticed that it was math! they wanted to know what proportion meant. so I told them that Propotion is a relationship that two ratios or two rates are equal and can be solved in fractions or a ratio table. They wanted help on 3 questions so I helped them.

5. determine the unit rate.

a) two pens cost 94 cents.

b) Four blocks stacked one top of the other are 24 cm

6. Delia was paid $35 for 5h of babysitting. How much would she receive for 3h. Use a unit rate to find the answer.

7. Solve #6 using a Proportion.

PS: sorry if I posted this up late (:


Kim's blog for 11/26/09

Today in class we figured out the
side length for each squares we did.

1st square-1.1x1.1 = 1.21
2nd square-1.4x1.4 = 1.96
3rd square-1.7x1.7 = 2.89
4th square-2.0x2.o = 4.0


Razel Scribepost November 25

At math today we finish the "Building the Squares" and the chart.

As for Homework we did have to find how many perfect square can you make with 4 squares.

Sorry for being late.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

November 25 , 2009 ScribePost

Our homework was this:

We learned today that you can make squares by cutting the square.

we also added the other square to our square
It should now look like this:

now that we have that finished our chart should look like this now:

This is pretty much all we did in class

Sorry for being late


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

kaitlin.l's blog for NOV 24


Amiel's Scribepost for November 24


the girl told us to cut out 2 perfect 10x10 squares and 2 10x8 squaresand 2 2x10 squares. Then he told us to colour the 2 10x10 squares . Then put a 10x8 square with a 2x10 square and colour it a different colour . Then we had to put the perfect 10x10 squares away and keep the 10x8 squares along with the 2x10 squares.

And after you need to glue the paper in the yellow sheet. Then right 0.1 beside the paper that you glued in the yellow paper.

To find the area of a square, you must square one of the sides.
E.g 2 squared = 4
Squaring a number means to multiply a number by itself.
In class, we had to find out what was the biggest square we could make with 2 squares.
I found out that a 1.4 by 1.4 square is the biggest square we could make. I had four squares left over.


Monday, November 23, 2009

Alexander's Post for November 16

What we did on November 16 was learn about prime factorization we had numbers like 164, 196, 150, and 225.

We also learned how to identify perfect squares. The prime numbers in a perfect square repeat themselves and can be divided evenly.

That is what we did that day, if I'm missing anything please tell me because that's all I can remember.


Jerick's scribe for november 20

On November 20 , 2009 we did more things on squares, factor trees and on our foldable.

These are the things we did on factor trees.

The thing i learned is that , you know a number is a perfect square when you are able to equally divide its prime factors .

This was the homework that was given...

You are supposed to make a perfect square with 2 tiles . Make a perfect square with 3 tiles and so on.
( you are allowed to cut the tiles to make smaller tiles)


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Raquel's Scribe Post For Squares

Okay, so in math class on November 20 2009, we corrected the pages we did for homework in the Math Links Homework Book.The pages were 24 & 25. We corrected it by doing factor trees.

So, all we did was do factor trees for each question to show our work. We also wanted to find the prime number so we can determine if it is a perfect square. For example 3 x 2 x 3 x 2. These 4 numbers are prime factors. It is a perfect square because if the prime numbers can go into a number evenly.

After all that, we started working on our FOLDABLES-
So, in class you should of done the labeling already and so, all we did
was we folded the paper in half after that, you fold the sides into the middle which will make 4 sections.
So, it will look like this.

The next thing we did was that we opened the part where it says " What I Need To Work On " and we put lines on the top and bottom section. After we have done that all we did was with a ruler we marked 2 cm which should be marked evenly. Then mark each tick 1 - how much ticks you have. After that we put in the 5 perfect squares.
" one= 12, four= 22, nine= 32, sixteen= 42, twenty-five= 52 "

That's it for the foldable. Now for the homework

All we had to do is make a perfect square was 2 tiles, 3 tiles, 4 tiles and 5 tiles.



Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Prime Numbers and Prime Factors

What we did Today:

What are factors?:
A factor is a whole number which divides evenly into a whole number leaving no remainders. A whole number is a number without decimals in it like 2.50

What are prime numbers?: A prime number is a whole number greater than 1 that has only 2 factors: 1 & itself. 1 is not a prime number. Some examples are prime factors are 2,3,5,7,11,13.

What are prime factors?: Prime factors are factors that are prime numbers. In my words, its putting a whole number into its lowest prime numbers also known as Prime Factorization. A way to use this method is to use a Factor Tree. Lets use an example like the number 12. Find factors of 12 and put it into the lowest prime numbers you get. Here is an example of a factor tree for 12.


Prime numbers and prime facotrs.

What we have learned today:
1.) Square numbers (perfect squares) are the product of a whole number when it is multiplied to itself. Eg. 4= 2x2. Therefore 4 is a square number.

2.) Factors are whole numbers that divides evenly into a whole number, leaving no remainder.
Eg. Factors of 16:
1 2 4 8 16

3.) Prime numbers are whole numbers greater than one, that have only two factors, which is one (1) and itself.
Examples of prime numbers are 2, 3, 5, 7, 11.
PS: One (1) is NOT a prime number. Why? Because it only has one factor, which is itself.

4.) Prime factors are the least possible factors of a number; must always be a prime number. The Prime Factorization method is used to get the prime factors of a number. (factor tree)
Eg. 18
9 2
/\ \
3 3 2 = Prime factors.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Richard 8-73 squeares and rectangle

1. First of all, the sides of the rectangle are not equal.

2.But they can be equal. And if there all equal you get a square.

3. So a square can be rectangle.

4.But a rectangle can't be a square.

If you want to find Perimeter you must follow all the steps i give you.

Example: Length of 8 and the Width with 6.


If you want to find Area you must also follow all the steps I give you

Example: Length of 8 and the Width of 6

A= L x W
A= 8L x 6W


Introduction to rectangles, perimeters, area

What Do We Know About Rectangles ?

- All 4 sides are not equal
- But they can be equal which is a
- So a square is a
- But a rectangle can't be a square or is not a square

(Because square sides are all the same and equal , at the mean time at a rectangle only the length and length are the same and the width and width are the same)
-Perimeter is the space around an object or a shape (going around)
How Do We Get The Perimeter ?

We follow simple steps to find the perimeter :
P= s+s+s+s

eg. A rectangle has the length of 4 and the width of 5. What is the perimeter?
P=4+5+4+5= 18

-Area is the space that is inside a shape or an object
How Do We Get Area ?

We follow a simple step to find area :

eg. A rectangle has the length of 4 , width of 5 , and height of 8. What is the area?

After a brief introduction to what we know, we did some work with what we then learned

#Tiles Is it a square or no ? Area
1 yes 1
2 no 2
3 no 3
4 yes 4

Then for homework we had to do the following :

Side length of square Area of square
1 1
2 4
3 9
4 16
5 25
6 36
7 49
Reminder : The way we find the answers are just like the times table. n by n (nxn)


How I Stopped an Alien Invasion Using Proportion Jerick873

These are the questions I chose.

#19 pg 68
Determine the missing value in each equivelent fraction.
To solve this, use the information that was already given so to get to 3 using 18 divide by 6 so what you do to one side you do to the other , and to get to 9 from 18 divide by 2

#18 pg 68
At an amusement park, a new thrill ride was introduced. It costs $7.50 for 3 rides on the wild slider.
a) $/# of rides


$2.50/per ride

To figure the unit rate you have yo make the # of rides 1 so divide by 3 and what you do to one side you do to the other.

b) $/#of rides

$45/18 ride

$ = 7.50 = 45
#of rides = 3= 18

To do this, since you know the unit rate you multiply that by 18 and you do the same to the other side and you get your answer.

#10 pg 67
Set up a proportion for each situation

a) # of beans = 10 beans = 30 beans
mass = 17 g = 51 g

To set up a proportion all you do is put it like that or in a table


Monday, November 16, 2009

How I stopped an Alien Invasion using Proportion

OH mY GoD The Aliens Came!!!! I have to get kill superman if I want the world to live!!! just kidding I just need to answer three proportion.

A) Box 1 is 4 and box 2 is 9.

B)box 1 is 48 and box 2 is 768km

B)2.50x18=$45/18 ride s
7.50x6=$45/18 rides

And For # 15
Figure#:Added squares. (1:2)

Sorry for being so late


How I Stopped an Alien Invasion Using Proportion

Today an alien landed on earth, me and my friend saw it snooping around and telling its home planet something. I said to my friend "Tell the government, I'll stall it."
I had to think fast, the alien looked pretty dumb so I thought about using something I learned today... proportions! That could slow him down. I walked up to the alien and started to talk about proportions.

- A proportion is a relationship thats says to rates or ratios are equal. A proportion can be expressed as a fraction.
60 sit-ups divide3 20 sit-ups 1 x5 5
__ = __
________ = ________ 2 x5 10

3 min divide3 1min

The alien just looked at me like I was crazy, but I talking.

Page 67

4.A) Three Dinner rolls cost 99c. 99c/3rolls = 33c/1roll

B) Seven identical objects have a mass of 14 kg. 7objects/14kg = 1object/2kg

Page 68

13. Two quarters have the same value of ten nickels. What is the value of five quarters in nickels?
2Q/10n = 5Q/25n

Page 69

27. If A:B = 4:5, find the ratio of 5a:7b. 5a:7b = 20:35.

Uh-oh I was running out of stuff to say, luckily my friend came back with the government. Now the alien is safely locked up in area 53.1.


Jarret873,alien, blogpost

How i stopped Alien invasion by using Proportion.

1) If there are 136 flights a day in and out of kelowna airport, and 25% of the flights are late, how many flights will likely not arrive on time?
-34 flgihts will will be late.

2) Sandra works at a car wahs and makes $8.75/h. after working 5.5 h, Sandra will make?
- She will make $48.13

3)Hawlie works at a movie theatre and earns $8.25 per hour. How much will she earn after six hours of work?
- She will make $49.50 after working 6 hours.

Please comment (;


Sunday, November 15, 2009

How I Stopped an Alien Invation Using Proportion

As I was doing my proportion homework I heard a huge sound coming from my yard. I looked outside looking on what it was. It was a UFO. I flash of light came down and an alien appeared. I went outside asking what the alien wanted. The alien said " I'm going to take over your so called planet earth until, you tell me what proportion means and giving me 3 equations to know how to use it. " So, after he said that I said " Oh, well that's easy a proportion is a relationship that two rates or ratios are equal." Then I told him 3 equations.

3. a) Write a proportion based on the following scenario:
Three balls cost $1.25. What is the cost of 12 balls?
b) Solve the proportion.

11. A small gear turns 18 times in the same time that a large gear turns 4 times. How many times will the large gear turn if the small gear turns 54 times? Draw a diagram to help set up a proportion and solve the problem.

14. Last night 30 cm of snow fell in 6h. If it continues snowing at the same rate, how long will it take for 45 cm of snow to fall?

After I told him what proportion means the alien said " Congratulations you just saved your planet earth." So he went under the UFO and a flash of light came out and the alien was gone. They went to the other part of the earth and asked someone else. But then, the person didn't know and so we all died cause the aliens took over.



How I Stopped an Alien Invasion Using Proportion

Before I never believed in aliens. I always thought it was a huge lie. Until I saw this bright light coming from outside my window one day. As i looked out I saw a huge UFO had just landed onto my street. Everyone was scared and freaked out. But I was very amazed and interested. So as I got closer everyone screamed at me to get away from that thing, but I wanted to see the aliens. Then the big door came down, and the aliens came out. They started speaking some kind of language to eachother that I couldn't understand. Then one of them came up to me and told me they were taking over planet earth. I asked what could I do to make them change their mind. They explained to me that their homework from school is due tomorrow, and they didn't know what proportion was. And I offered to teach it to them. I told them that proportion is a relationship that says two ratios, or two rates are equivalent. I also explained to them that proportions can be also solved as fractions or on a ratio table. Proportions could also be expressed as a unit rate. So after I explained to them, to make sure they understood , I gave them 3 questions.

4. Determine the unit rate

a) Three dinner rolls cost 99 cents

- 33cents/roll

b) Seven identical objects have the mass of 14kg.

- 2kg/object

11. A small gear turns 18 times at the same time that large gear turns 4 times. How many times will the large gear turn if the small gears turns 54 times? Draw a diagram to set up a proportion and solve the problem.

19. Determine the missing values for each

equivalent fractions.



sorry I did it kind of late.


How I stopped an Alien Invasion using Proportion

A UFO was flying above my house. I went outside to check it out. The UFO landed right in my yard. A little martian stepped out, I asked him what he was doing here. He didn't say anything, he threatened me that he'd take over the world with aliens and later on unicorns if I won't give him at least 3 proportion problems. He also demanded me to teach him what proportion was. So I taught him that: proportion is a relationship that two ratios or two rates are equal. It can be solved in two ways; chart form and fraction form. Here were the problems I answered for him.

4. Determine the unit rate.

a) Three dinner rolls cost 99 cents.

- 1roll/33cents

b) Seven identical objects have a mass of 14kg.


14. Last night 30 cm of snow fell in 6h. If it continues snowing at the same rate, how long will it take for 45 cm of snow to fall?

- It will take 9 hours to have 45 cm of snow.

23. According the Guinness Book of World Records, the smallest horse is is Thumbelina. Thumbelina is 42.5 cm small and eats about 0.3 kg of food per day. A former world record holder ate food in the same proportion to its height. If it was 46.25 cm tall how much would it eat? Give your answer to the nearest hundredth of a kilogram.

- It would eat 0.33kg.

28. The dosage of a certain medicine for a child is 2.5ml for each 3kg of the child. What is the dose, in mL for a child with a mass of 16.5kg.

- 13.75 ml for a child with a mass of 16.5 kg.

The Aliens then left in there pink UFO.

Don't forget to study you guys! Good luuck!


How I stopped an Alien Invasion using Proportion

One day I was just sitting down, then i heard a sonic boom coming from just outside my house, so i checked it out, i saw a UFO crashed in my backyard.
Three little small green people came out looking confused. so i went closer and closer to them until they saw me. since it seemed like they had no idea what to do, i decided to teach them
about proportions, like,
Proportion is a relationship that says that two ratios or two rates are equivalent, and proportion can also be expressed as fractions and there are two different ways to find proportion, using a unit rate or a proportion. So the aliens were so happy. Then i gave them 3 examples that they can solve together.

question number 4 pg 67

a) three dinner rolls cost $0.99

They used a ratio table to figure out
the answer for both of the questions

b)seven identical objects have
a mass of 14 kg

question #16 pg 68

A gardener takes a half hour to mow and weed a lawn that
measures 20m by 15 m. He charges 25$ per hour.
How much should the gardener receive for a lawn that measures
40m by 30m?
Well, they also got this right, they multiplied it
by 2 then they got their answer.

The gardener should receive 25$ for a lawn
that measures 40m by 30m.

Question #19 pg 68
Determine the missing value in each
equivalent fractions
Yay! they also got this correct, they multiplied
and divided to get the right answer.

They got everything corrected. Right after solving all the equations,
they started on fixing their spaceship. It took them 24 hours fixing
their ship. Then the next day, we said good bye to eachother and
went back to where they live.



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