Monday, October 12, 2009

Jemineth's Scribepost For October 12 2009

Coins Scribe Post

For Friday October 9 2009's math class we worked on questions that have things to do with this glass of American coins worth a hundred dollars. So for this scribe post we were told to choose two questions or are come up with an answer both. Here they are :

Question #1

How much money(Canadian) would there be if the American coins were converted into Canadian money ?

If the American coins were converted into Canadian dollars it would be at an average of 104.24(Canadian) or if wanting to know how much value of money it is in Canadian compared to American per dollar it would be 1.00:1.04, which means that for every American dollar there is 1.04.

Question #2

Would the jar look the same if Canadian coins were put inside ?

My understanding and answer for that question is that it depends, and here are my explanations.

Yes and why :

Yes it could , why ? Because, both American and Canadian coins have nickels, dimes, pennies, and quarters. So if we were to put in only the exact same coins that are used inside the glass that both types of money has it can look the same.

No and why not :

No it can't, why ? Because, as alot of people know most of the coins are the same only difference is that they don't have loonies or toonies. So if we wanted it to look different we can do several changes. One is by simply replacing coins that equal a dollar, into loonies and coins that equal two dollars into toonies. Another way is by instead of using pennies, we can change it do nickels, and instead of using nickels we can change it to dimes, and so on and so on.

Question #3(10/13/09)

Can you fit $100 American coins , and $100 Canadian coins in the jar ?

I think that it wont fit , here's the reason why :
First of all , by starting with what Mr.H provided us in class about how much in fraction and percent 780 American coins fills up the jar, and we know that it is 3/4 of the jar or 75%. With that we know that, there is only 25% of the jar is left to be filled.
Second, using a ratio table i calculated how much percent the 370 Canadian coins, takes up from the 75% that the American coins filled. I calculated that the 370 Canadian coins, took up at average of 48% of the American coins filled. Knowing that , we can now add it up which comes to 123% which over fills the jar by 23%. That's why i think that , it wont fit :)





Caitlin873 October 12, 2009 at 4:51 PM  

Gud job JEM!!(: but friday wasn't the 10th it was the 9th. i didnt understand ur first answer. And on your second answer you shouldve put the americans not they ot make it more understandable and i think there was some typos? or one type?


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