Saturday, October 17, 2009

Jerick73 Blogpost for Question #12+13

I was assigned to do questions 12 and 13 , so here they are :

12. In a class of 32 students, there are 24 girls

a) What is the boys to total ratio? Express the ration in a fraction and a percent.

answer: boys to total , 8/32 , 25%

b) What is the girls to boys ratio? Use ratio notation to express the ratio.

answer: girls to boys , 24:8

13. A soccer team played 28 games and won 4 out of every 7. There were no tied games.

a) How many games did they lose?

answer: The team loss 12 games out of 28

b) What is the team's win-loss ratio? Explain how you go the answer.

answer: win to loss , 16:12 . I got the answer by multiplying 4 by 4 and multiplying 3 by 4 because to get to 28 you multiply 7 by 4.

c) If this trend continues, how many losses would you expect the team to have once they have won 20 games?

answer: i would expect that the team would have loss 15 games

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