Saturday, October 10, 2009

Abby's Coin Math 10.09.09

Yesterday, in math class, we talked about this image.

First: Mr. H gave us a task, the task is to come up with questions that would help us find how much money is in that cup/ jar.

Second: We share our questions that we came up to the whole class and we figure out if that question would really help or if it's only a fun math question. He told us that there's exactly $100 American coins in there;

Third: He gave us a homework. Our homework is to answer one purple question and one of the other colors except for the one that's not highlighted. We have to post it in the blog and label it as coinmath, ratio, your display name.

My Homework (:

1. Would the jar look the same if it was Canadian money?

Obviously it WON'T look the same. Because there's more Canadian coins than American coins.

There are pennies, nickel, quarter and dime and both American and Canadian have that BUT American doesn't have loonies and toonies. It would also not be the same because of the sizes of the coins.

For example: Toonies and loonies are bigger than the rest. Then that means that it would take up more area/ space.

2. How big is the jar?

The jar looks like a tall glass of water i mean money. HAHHAA (:
Im sorry if I didn't answer that mathematically because I dont how. Well I can figure it out if I know the circumference, or diameter or radius and if I know the lenght, width and height.

Thanks for viewing my post and PLEASE comment and tell me how I did. (:

My Homework for 10. 13. 09 (:

How much of the jar would be filled if it was canadian money?
You can fit about 1000 coins on the jar.So 370 coins is about 25 % of the jar.

Could you fill the jar with 100 american dollars and 100 canadian dollars?
You can not fill both of them because the jar can only fit about 1000 coins without overflowing. US dollars have 780 coins and Canadian dollars have 370 coins. So thats, 780+370=1150. So Jar would overflow about 150 coins.

Im sorry if I did it wrong because Im not sure how to do it exactly. so forgive me (:


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