Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Abby's BOB

The three things I know about graphing are:
1. There's 6 types of graphs. They are circle graph, line graph, bar graph, double bar graph, double line graph, and pictograph.
2. The intervals have to be the same in distance or the graph would be distorted. Interval is the space or distance between two points.
3. There are three things you can do to distort a graph. They are distorting the scale, distorting the size of the bars and distorting the visuals.
What I know now that would improve my test:
Now, I know that we have to do tally chart to order the data. I thought we just have to arrange the data in ascending or descending order. And also, I would try to make a better paragraph so get a better mark.
I got 16 out of 25. ):
I did really bad so I would try my best to get a higher mark next time. (:


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