Wednesday, November 4, 2009

%%%%%'s Rate Growing Post

Part #1

Ratio- Compares 2 quantities that are measured in the same units.

Rate-Compares 2 quantities that are measured in different units.

What is the difference?
The difference between rate and ratio is that ratio is measured in the same
units and rate is measured in different units.

Gina- $13.00/h

Asad- $13.75/h

Asad has a greater hourly rate of pay than Gina.

Trevor- 28 km/h

Jillian-28 km/h

They both have the same rate.

I know it because I used a ratio table to
know the answer.


1) I multiply each of the ingredients by 2.5.

2) I divided the ingredients by 10 to get one



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