Monday, November 2, 2009

Jarret873, Growth ratio

Growth post
Ratio: Compares 2 quantities that are measured in the same units.Rate: Compares 2 quantities that are measured in different units.Whats The Difference Between Ratio and Rate?The difference between ratio and rate is that ..Ratio compares things in the same unit and rates compare things in different units.Questions

Question #9 a)
small honey: $1.11/mLbig honey: $0.96/mLb)
The bigger honey is better because, it is cheaper.
Trevor and Jillian rolled the same speed which is 28km/hrQuestion: If Alia runs in 3min per 12 meters. How much will she run in 1 min. ?
Answer: The answer would be that Alia would run for 3 meters/min.
Growth post

. This recipe serves 4 people.
1) It would look like 4/10
2) ITs wuld look like 1/1.
Sorry if i am wrong atleast i tried. (:
Dont forget to study for the test tommorrow. (:



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