Sunday, November 15, 2009

How I stopped an Alien Invasion using Proportion

One day I was just sitting down, then i heard a sonic boom coming from just outside my house, so i checked it out, i saw a UFO crashed in my backyard.
Three little small green people came out looking confused. so i went closer and closer to them until they saw me. since it seemed like they had no idea what to do, i decided to teach them
about proportions, like,
Proportion is a relationship that says that two ratios or two rates are equivalent, and proportion can also be expressed as fractions and there are two different ways to find proportion, using a unit rate or a proportion. So the aliens were so happy. Then i gave them 3 examples that they can solve together.

question number 4 pg 67

a) three dinner rolls cost $0.99

They used a ratio table to figure out
the answer for both of the questions

b)seven identical objects have
a mass of 14 kg

question #16 pg 68

A gardener takes a half hour to mow and weed a lawn that
measures 20m by 15 m. He charges 25$ per hour.
How much should the gardener receive for a lawn that measures
40m by 30m?
Well, they also got this right, they multiplied it
by 2 then they got their answer.

The gardener should receive 25$ for a lawn
that measures 40m by 30m.

Question #19 pg 68
Determine the missing value in each
equivalent fractions
Yay! they also got this correct, they multiplied
and divided to get the right answer.

They got everything corrected. Right after solving all the equations,
they started on fixing their spaceship. It took them 24 hours fixing
their ship. Then the next day, we said good bye to eachother and
went back to where they live.



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