Sunday, November 15, 2009

How I stopped an Alien Invasion by using Proportion

An alien has landed from another planet. After a few minutes the spaceship opens and a green little man walks out. I ask it what it wants it said he wanted to know about proportion. I told him that proportion is a relationship that says that two ratios or two rates are equivalent. I also told him that proportion can be written as a fraction and that there are two different ways to find proportion. One way is using proportion and the other way is using unit rate. Then I gave the alien a few days to get the what proportion means then i gave him a 3 problem questions.

page: 68
21. David can saw a log into three pieces in7 min. If he continues sawing at a constantrate, how long will it take him to saw asimilar log into six pieces?

wow he did it right he took the information from the question then put them in a ratio table. he put the 3 under the P and the 7 under the MIN then times them by 2 and got 6 from 3 and 14 from 7.

24. a) Describe a pattern you could use to findthe next fraction in the following set offractions.
The pattern is that the numerator goes up by 1 and the denominator goes up by 2's

The pattern is that the numerator goes up by 5's and the denominator goes up by 6.

The first problem is to determine the missing value.

Wow! It looks like he got them all right. Then I guess he knows how to find the missing value by dividing and times the numbers to get the answers.
A few days later, another spaceship came down on Earth. It was his family. I guess I have to give her back where he belongs. I hope that he wont forget what I taught him about proportion and I hope that he will remember me and come visit me soon. I waved good bye to him and his family and wish them a good luck on their rip back.
The end.



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