Thursday, November 26, 2009

How I stopped an Alien Invasion using Proportion

Vicky and I were walking home from school when suddenly we saw this bright light fly over our heads and heard a loud crash. Suddenly, smoke appeared and the door came down. We heard high pitched voices. Vicky got scared and ranaway. I never really believed in aliens untill I saw it in real life! I was hiding behind a fence. I moved closer and hid behind a trashcan. The aliens looked! and started walking towards the trashcan. I grabbed a rock so I could hit the alien then I stood up and the Aliens screamed! so I threw the rock at it! and backed away. The Aliens just stood there.. shocked.. after a few seconds, they blinked. then they started to reach for their back pocket! I got ready to throw another rock! then they suddenly held out a piece of paper with letters on them. I noticed it was written in English! Who knew aliens understood english! and I also noticed that it was math! they wanted to know what proportion meant. so I told them that Propotion is a relationship that two ratios or two rates are equal and can be solved in fractions or a ratio table. They wanted help on 3 questions so I helped them.

5. determine the unit rate.

a) two pens cost 94 cents.

b) Four blocks stacked one top of the other are 24 cm

6. Delia was paid $35 for 5h of babysitting. How much would she receive for 3h. Use a unit rate to find the answer.

7. Solve #6 using a Proportion.

PS: sorry if I posted this up late (:


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