Friday, November 13, 2009

How i stopped an alien using proportion

Aliens came on earth and decided to visit Winnipeg, Manitoba. A weird looking green thing knocked on my door. I opened the door and i saw a weird blob with a sign saying BLOBLBLOBOGIKS. I googled it and it meant, if i didnt show my skills on proportions, it would invade the earth and kill everyone. So i showed how i could do proportions.

4.Determine the unit rate.

A) 3 Dinner Rolls cost 99 cents. 1 Dinner Roll = 33 cents. = 33 cents/1 dinner roll.

B)7 objects/14g = 2g = 1 object/2g

13.Two quarters are the same value as ten nickels. What is the value of five quarters in nickels?

Quarter= 25 cents. Nickel=5 cents.

25 x 5 = 1.25 1.25/5 = 25 nickels.

5 Quarters/25 nickels.

28. The dosage of a certain medicine for a
child is 2.5 mL for each 3 kg mass of the
child. What is the dose, in millilitres, for a
child with a mass of 16.5 kg?


The alien saw my work i have done on my paper and has said, DFKLJSDFPOOPFLERLOLSALSDORLFROFLLOL. I googled it and he said that i am very good at math and that planet earth is a smart planet. The weird alien then went into his ship and left somewhere in the galaxy.



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