Sunday, December 13, 2009

Pay it Forward

Part 1

Pay it forward means to me helping people out. Like volunteer in school community, volunteer in a soup kitchen, and lots of more. And that's making people happy and joyful. The movie that we watched pay it forward has a big influence on me. You guys should watch it.

Part 2

For my Pay it forward activity, I babysit my 3 cousin's. Jerimiah, Isiah, Elijah. And the four of us were talking. We also played video games. So it was fun, it wasn't boring. My cousins had fun. And they were asking when am I going to come there house. I said christmas.

Part 3

My act of kindness did well, I made my family members happy, and I enjoyed it. And I can always do it when my aunts our busy. So it was fun.

Part 4

The idea of Pay it forward is very important because it gives everyone hope. Who ever made this movie pay it forward should get extra credit. We can make lot of difference all over the world. And I enjoyed doing this project. It felt really awesome. You should also watched that movie its really untouching.

Sorry if I can't put pictures I don't know why. So I'm really sorry.



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