Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Winnipeg Harvest

What is Winnipeg Harvest ?
Its a warehouse were people donate food, and volunteers sort them out and put them into boxes and the drivers drive the food to food banks around Winnipeg.

What did we do there ?
Alex,Brayden,Jem and I and Mr. Harbeck were packing non perishable food items into a plastic bag. In each bag we put four items that contains grains,vegetables, and soup. After we put these items in to the bags, we get a bigger bag and we put seven littler bags into it.

Why is Winnipeg Harvest so important ?
Winnipeg harvest is very important because they support food items for people who have nothing to eat. And they work very, very hard to supply people food.

Winnipeg Harvest was a very fun and interesting experience. It helped me learn more about what they do there and how they help people. The volunteers and workers were very nice to us. Kate told us how they deliver the food items to the food banks. Also a nice man Nick, helped us tie the bags together. There were more nice people that helped us. They were very nice to us. Its like a second home to these volunteers and workers. We even got to have a break, and have some nice and warm hot chocolate. We took some pictures there but i didnt put it on this post because when i checked the SP blog it wasnt there. So if you would like to see the pictures it could be seen at the sargent park blog.

Thank you Mr. Harbeck for taking us there. I had such a fun time and an amazing experience. I would love to go there again if possible. THANK YOU !

ps. if you would like to volunteer you should visit the site you'd have a fun and amazing time.

Thank you for reading my post ! bye ! (:


Alexander8-73 December 9, 2009 at 8:31 PM  

Nice job Camille how you don't mind if i use you headings =)


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