Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christine's Pay it Forward

Pay it Forward means an act of kindness you would like to do for either a person you know or a stranger.

Part 2
Me, Vicky, Caitlin, Kim, Abby and Razel decided to donate goody bags, stuff stuffed animals and books to the Children's Hospital .
We chose to donate at the hospital because we knew that some of the kids might not recieve a gift.
We helped the hospital and made the sick kids happy (:
We bought goody bags to donate to the hospital . Inside, there was led pencils, erasers, chocolates, bubbles, bouncy balls and candy canes. We also added Christmas Cards. Razel, Kim and Abby donated some stuff toys, books and keychains.
We did it on Monday.

Part 3
It went Great. Mr. McLean drove us to Children's Hospital during the lunch hour. When we got there, we didnt know what to do. We were all shy to ask the nurse lady. So we just waited until she asked us. When she finally saw us, we told her we were donating goody bags, toys and books to children's hospital for a project.
The lady called the children life department but she couldn't reach them so she told us to leave the packages at the table and write them a note. She also said that they were going to send us a letter back or call the school to thank us.
After we finished the note, we gave it to the Nurse lady and thanked us for donating stuff. Then, we went outside.
I felt a little nervous because I thought the Nurse lady might not accept it.
The nurse lady was surprised and thankful.
We didn't get to say to the Nurse lady to Pay it Forward because she was busy and she immediately led us to Child Life Department.

Part 4
The idea of Pay It Forward is important because it could make a person have a smile on their face so they would want to do it to others too. 1 person can make a difference.
I don't know if our act of kindness made a difference . I hope it did.

Watch our video! x)



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