Monday, December 14, 2009

Pay It Forward : Harstone Day Care Centre

"Pay It Forward"

(Jemineth Cruz, Camille Concepcion, Jerick Reyes)
Part ONE
What Is Pay It Forward ?
Pay It Forward is a way of showing care, love, and sharing joy, happiness, and warmth to any whom without asking for anything in return. Any whom meaning that not only your family or your friends because you already know them and you're afraid to meet someone else, but to interact with other people whether they were more fortunate or less fortunate. In other words, its a way of doing some random act of kindness.
Part TWO
What Was Your Pay It Forward Act Of Kindness ?
Our pay it forward was to share fundamental activities to a day care center.
Why Did You Choose This Activity ?
We decided to share fundamental activities to the children who attended day care which is "Harstone Say Care Center". The reason why we chose to do this was because we realized that even if children are away from school or home there should still be learning during their time in action. At the mean time we also took the time to explain to the ladies who were involved in taking responsibilities of the children what pay it forward was, and how it works.
What Did You Do ?
With the three of us as a group we took the time to buy reading books, colouring books, crayons, playing cards , puzzles and goodie bags. In those very bags were candy canes, portable activities, bubbles, a card which said "We hope that you enjoy these fundamental activities we shared with you , have a merry Christmas and smile :) from pay it forward", lollipops, and stickers making it as equal as possible. Last but not the least, we placed a card which will be dedicated to the workers there as a thank you for taking care of the children there.
When Did You Do Your Act Of Kindness ?
Monday after school, with a ride from my mom we went to buy our fundamental activities. Then we went to my house and put together the things we bought. Tuesday at lunchtime with the courtesy of Mr.McLean's car and him we got driven to the Harstone Day Care and there we shared our gift.
How Did Your Act Of Kindness Go ?
It went really well actually, it was also a pleasure to be able to do something like that for them.
How Did It Feel ? & How Did The People React ?
Also we felt happy that , the emotions we saw in their faces were emotions of appreciation :) .
Did you ask them to Pay It Forward ?
Yes we did , in a way such as non-mandatory but a way that they would like to do it on their own.
How Did They React To Your Request ?
They were positive with our request, and they responded that it was the least they can do .
Why Is The Idea Of Pay It Forward So Important ?
Why Is Pay It Forward Important ?

It is important because it gives us the ability to learn and realize that alot more things can be done and should be done more than other things. Also that this way, we are able to see more things elaborately that we don't let our eyes see because we usually let our eyes focus on things we just want to see. So this way we can give with the benefits of knowing that at least for a week or one day we made peoples day.
Has Your Act Of Kindness Made A Difference ?
Yes, because with our share and alot of other peoples share this will multiply to numerous Acts Of Kindness. Who knows this may even bring our world, to everyone's pictured world a "Peaceful Happy World".



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