Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Michael R. Pay It Forward

Part 1:

Pay it forward is something like doing something good for someone and then they pass it on to someone else and the world gets better.It is something that inspires people to do good things for others.It is an act of good deed.

Part 2:
What did you do?
My Pay it forward was helping young people learn about their fate so that when they are having troubles they know what to do.This would also make them do better choices in life because they know what their god would have done.

Why did you do it?
I chose this activity because I see a lot of people not knowing about their fate and it is because they did not learn about it when they were little and now they dont believe it at all.

When did you do it?
I did this last saturday.
Part 3:
How did your act of kindness go?
My act of kindness really went well we learned that christmas was when jesus was born.The kids were really fun because they pretty much knew what to do.In the end I hardly got to do anything but I still helped them learn by reading to them.

How did it feel and how did they react?
It felt great because I finally know how it is to read to little kids and work with them it was really fun.They reacted normally because it was a class and I was just helping out.

Did you ask them to pay it forward?
no I didnt ask them to pay it forward but I pretty much knew that they would "pay it forward" and understand the meaning of it.

Part 4
Why is "pay it forward" important?
Because we cant hide the truth that this is a bad generation but if we change and get more and more people to change we can change not unly us but we can change the whole world.
(sorry I dont have much pictures because it is a class.)



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