Tuesday, December 15, 2009

kaitlin.L's pay it forward

Part 1

What Is Pay It Forward ?
Pay it forward is a random act of kindness, trying to reach out to the world to make it a better place.

Part 2

What Was Your Pay It Forward Act Of Kindness? It was, we made cookies for a day care so the kids would be happy.Why did you chose this activity?Because we thought it would be nice so the adults working there wouldn't have to provide cookies that day. We thought it was a nice why to help for our pay it forward.

What did we do? we made cookies for kids at the day care across the street from Sargent park school.

When did we do this act of kindness? We did this act of kindness last week after school so we would have more time to give them the cookies than at lunch time.

Part 3

How did your act of kindness go? It went very well because all the kids loved the cookies and it was fun.

How did we feel and hoe did the people react? We felt very good with our selfs because we just helped a day care for a day and the people we very happy that we gave the kids cookies.

Did we ask them to pay it forward? Yes we did and they were very happy to do kindness for some one else.

How did they react to that? They were okay with at said thanks for the cookies.

Part 4

Why Is The Idea Of Pay It Forward So Important ? It is important so we can change the world or at least some of it.

Why is pay it forward important? It is important so the world becomes a better place.

thanks to Hannah, and Razel



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