Monday, December 14, 2009

Pay it forward.

Hannah's Pay It Forward
Part 1
What is "Pay it forward" ?
It is when we show a random act of kindness to one or more person, stranger or not. After that, they are supposed to pass it on and help someone else in any way. Hence, "paying it forward". I think it's amazing how someone we don't even know has been helped all because we help someone, and they help someone else.. and it goes on.

Part 2
Along with Kaitlin, we made sugar cookies and gave them to the kids at a local daycare center. I was originally planning on selling the cookies and use the money to purchase winter clothing (scarves, mitts, gloves, jackets) and donate them to a nearby homeless shelter. But the nearest shelter I found was about 40 blocks away. I even thought of walking all the way to there. But it just seemed impossible. And we only had about roughly a week for this project. So I thought that simply giving the cookies to kids would be a better idea.

The date this was done is stated in the video below.

Part 3
When we got to the daycare, it wasn't as what I had expected it to be. We did have a great time though. And so did the kids. But we told by the staff people that we weren't allowed to take pictures because they are concerned of the safety of the kids, and that the parents might not allow their children to be taken pictures of.
After a few moments of discussions with the staff, they eventually allowed us to take pictures with only some of the kids.

After that, I felt really good about myself and the fact that I was able to brighten someone's day. Whenever I help someone, I always get a feeling of accomplishment. There's nothing compared to the feeling of being able to make a difference, big or small it may be.

We explained to the staff what was going on and what "pay it forward" is all about. We encouraged them to continue the chain, and they gave us their word to do so.

Part 4
As simple as this act of kindness was, I'm sure they appreciate the fact that we took time to do something nice to people we've never even met before. It was not much of a deed to change the world, but I think it made even just a little difference in the hearts of those we have helped. After all, the beauty is not on the outcome but on the attempt. And what matters is not how it turned out to be, but the amount of heart you have given to it. Knowing that you've managed to put smiles on people's faces make the time and effort that you've made worth while.



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