Thursday, December 10, 2009

Winnipeg Harvest

Winnipeg Harvest

What is Winnipeg Harvest ?

Winnipeg Harvest is a place where all sorts of food is brought in then brought out. Brought in meaning that all sorts of food comes in from alot of different people as donations, there they sort them into their own categories, and then packed into groups of four (rice/pasta, proteins, etc). Then brought out means, once its sorted out it then gets delivered to many different places.


That winnipeg harvest helps approximately 4000 people a month from all different places. That would be 40 local schools in winnipeg containing 1000 people.

Why is Winnipeg Harvest so important ?

It is important because it's a place where they want to stop people from hunger, with the basic food needs daily.

What did we do ?

Along with Camille, Alex , Brayden and Mr. Harbeck we were packing plastic bags containing four different types of foods. Once they were packed Mr.Harbeck was then putting them in bigger bags containing seven of those.

Volunteering at winnipeg harvest was a fundimental experience. Also the other volunteers treated us as if we've been there for a long time. We met a few people individually one of them was Kate who explained to what what winnipeg harvest is and also a man named Nick who came to us and helped us pack, but there was more I apologize for not mentioning them excactly. I was shocked to see the poster of where they delivered food, and where the other food banks were located because trust me , its ALOT . Guess what ? After working we also got a break time , we got to drink hot chocolate it was yum :) . So on behalf of us four we thank you Mr.Harbeck and to the Winnipeg Harvest for giving us the previlage to learn and see what its like volunteering there .



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