Sunday, December 13, 2009

Caitlin T's Pay it Forward

After watching the movie " Pay it Forward " I thought that the movie meant that if one makes a difference by helping 3 different things and that multiplies maybe everyone can feel that they are a hero for helping one. And if you make a difference once it doesn't mean that you don't need to do it again. You should try and try to make a difference so everyone can realize that it's better to make a difference then don't do anything at all.~sorry if it's not the one I handed in, this is one of the paragraphs I made to hand (i made 5 different copies).

Our Pay it Forward act of kindness was going to the childrens hospital to donate new toys and books and giving goody bags . We chose this activity because we love little kids, we could've went with day care but then making goody bags sounded fun to do.(and if we did day care we probably wouldn't be able to take pictures with them without the parents permission.) We helped out little kids by making them happy throughout there sickness. Vicky, Kim, Christine, Abby, and I went to the Childrens Hospital and talked to a lady from the front desk that we were donating things and giving goody bags. She told us to write on a piece of paper what this was for and write our names and address down. She told us that she would give it to some administrator (i think) then she thanked us. We did our act of kindness on monday December 7.

My act of kindness went really well, we entered the building then took pics we waited a while then the lady came to us and asked us what we were doing. We told her that we were donating things. She was trilled and she told us to enter another room . After that she gave us a piece of paper and told us to write down what it was for, then Christine wrote everything Vicky told to write. Then we took more pictures, then we asked a man to take a picutre all of us together. I felt really good that we were doing a good thing . No, but in the cards we wrote "PAY IT FORWARD". We didn't ask the person to Pay it Forward since she was really busy with a patient.

It's important because is you help one person, they might help others then like it becomes a chain of helping people. I think that my act of kindness has made a difference because that I might of made a child happy by greeting them a happy holiday and giving a goody bag filled with christmas things and other necessities.



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