Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Winnipeg Harvest

What is Winnipeg Harvest?

Winnipeg harvest is a place where a lot of the food that goes to homeless shelters like Shalom mission comes from. There are Winnipeg harvest buildings all around Winnipeg, they ship food to food banks and other places. Anyone can get food from a food bank, all you have to do is make an appointment so they no how much the place needs.

What we did There?

Brayden, Jem, Camille and I put food into plastic bags, while Harbeck put 7 of them into a large rice bag, in the bags there was rice/pasta, proteins such as beans or canned fish, canned soup, and canned vegetables. Now it's not as easy as it sounds because we had to take some boxes, either 1(grains), 2(protein), 3(vegetables), and 4 (soup), those boxes when full weighed about 15-20 pounds I guess and we could go through those boxes really fast.

Why is Winnipeg Harvest so Important?

Winnipeg harvest feeds over 40,000 people a month that's about the same amount of people in Brandon, or 40 of our schools. There are a lot of people there that sacrifice their own time to help others, I think about 100 people work there everyday. Winnipeg harvest has been around for about 25 years and has been constantly increasing the amount of people they been helping, hopefully they will continue helping for years to come

It was really fun being at Winnipeg harvest and I learned some interesting things. Everyone there was very helpful and when we were making the food bags some people came to help us, like Camille said there was a person named Nick and 2 other people, i don't know the other peoples names because they didn't have name tags. Also when we managed to finish all the boxes of one category we got a break all of (except Harbeck) had hot chocolate thought Camille took long drinking hers saying it was hot. There was supposed to be some pictures but there aren't any.

Thank you Harbeck for taking us there I had an enjoyable experience. It would be great to go there again. If you want to learn anything more go to



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