Monday, December 7, 2009

Questions : Estimating Square Roots 12.07.09

3 Questions

5. Estimate each value, to one decimal place. Check your answer with a calculator.

a) square root of 14

My guess was 3.7 and when I checked the calculator, its 3.7. I found my answer using a number line.

_9_-> 14 <- _16_
3 4

b) square root of 86

My guess was 9.3 and when I checked it on the calculator it was 9.2.

_81_-> 86 <- _100_
9 10

c) square root of 136

My guess was 11.8 and when I checked it on the calculator it was 11.6.

_121_-> 136 <- _144_
11 12

12. While shopping online, ji Hon finds a square rug with an area of 11m2. He needs to know if it will fit in his 4m x 5m bedroom.

a) Estimate the side length of the rug, to one decimal place.


b) check your estimate with a calculator.


c) Will the rug fit? Explain.

Yes, the rug will fit in his room because the side lengths of his room is 4m x 5m, that would equals 20m2 and the rug's side length is 3.3m x 3.3m, that would equal to 11m2. The are of his room is greater than the area of the rug.

14. Alex is thinking of a number. The number has a square root between 7 and 8 and it is a multiple of 12.

a) What number could he be thinking of?


b) Is there more than one answer? Explain,

I dont think so. I think the answer is only 60because 60 is the only number that is a multiple of 12 that have a square root between 7 and 8.

Thanks for reading my post. Please let me know if I did a mistake. Thanks


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