Monday, May 10, 2010


TODAY, during math class we did probability. Now, in the beginning we had to tell Mr.Harbeck what we already know about probability. These are the kind of things that we said..

-probability trees.

AFTER, we did that we talked about the types of probability. Such as,

Theoretical Probability

-what the math says SHOULD happen.

TP= favourable outcome over total possible outcome.
A COIN P(h) = head over head/tails.
= one half
So, There is a 50% probability by that the flip will be a head.

Experimental Probability
EP= favourable outcome over number of events
So, what we did was we flipped a coin about 11 times and we put those things in a ratio type form which looked like this..

P(h)= 7 over 12
= 0.583
= 58.3%
The experimental probability of a head was 58.3%

*to achieve a # closer to theoretical probability, you need to do more experiments.
AFTER, we did that we started talking about Probability Trees,
A COIN= H,T 2 Outcomes
A DICE= 1,2,3,4,5,6 6 Outcomes

P(t , >) = 3 over 12
= 25%
There is a 25% probability that there will be...
So, that's pretty much it for today's math class ( May 10, 2010 )
For homework we have to do the table and the homework book ( page 124, 125, 126. )
Thaanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it! Remember to COMMENT. ;)


Sunday, May 9, 2010

2 Minutes To Make A Difference Final Reflection

In our first and final cut we changed a lot of things in it. We added voice and we changed the music around the climax to make it more interesting.

We were unsuccessful on finding an expert because we thought that our expert would answer back and we did not ask any other expert.

My great success in this 2 minutes to make a difference was learning how to make a video. This was the first video I made.

During the movie project it frustrated me that the windows live movie maker can not have a narration and music at the same time.

The 2 minutes to make a difference project is important to grade 8 students because with this project we learn about how we can help change the world and what is happening to the world

I will make a difference in the future by taking the bus when I have free time to spare


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Krystal`s Reflection


2.The comments left behind on our first draft were very helpful. They were realizing stuff that neither Raquel, Kisha and I, haven`t even seen. They helped us make our video better by telling us about how we should take more pictures out and talk more about the main subject, they talked about how our pictures were very affective but how we need to make our main subject more obvious, and to fix our grammer errors.

3.We emailed many people to become the expert for our video. Finally we got an expert and we emailed her questions that we wanted to know. She was very helpful and gave us a lot to use in our video.

4.We emailed many people. We found this man who was willing to be our expert but he needed to go back to the UK first before we could interview him because he was in Taiwan. Unfortunetly, the volcanic ash delayed his flight and we weren`t able to use him as our expert. Luckily we found one and we were glad we did.

6.My greatest success was that I learned a lot from this project. I honestly want to do a lot more volenteering and donating because of what we learned for our project. It was really eye-opening for me. I will definitly be greatful for what I have and try to donate more.

7.The biggest frustration was probably having to find an expert. It was something that we desperately needed and it was really hard to find one. Especially when you can`t really have a quick conversation through emails. It took time and thank goodness we got one.

8.I think it`s important because at our age, it seems like it`s the right time to open their eyes and see how much different we all our in our own ways. Individuality. We feel like we`re alone with stuff like poverty, or abuse, ect. After we learned this , it does change. Probably not a lot, but it`s still something.

9.I will definity be donating more and volenteering. Trying to get the word out there more would be fantastic. If we could get more people to realize these issues in the world, we could stop poverty. In the summer I`m planning to volenteer at Silom and donate to the Salvation Army.


Richard's 2 mins reflection

2. The comments that they made was helpful because we needed peoples advises to make our video better. And we made it better by changing our spelling mistakes and putting our voice in.



5.We tried talking to that person, but then he didn't reply on us.

6.My great success of my video is finishing the whole work and finishing our video. So it was fun.

7. When we were starting the video we didn't know how to start and we argue that for like15 mins and then we came up with the plan. So that really frustrated me a lot.

8.2 mins to make a difference is important to grade 8 because we see how we can people from other countries and we can can also provide supplies for them.

9.I'm going to try to donate food for people that can't grow crops, donate some clothing, and donate other supplies use.


Hannah's 2 minutes to make a difference final reflection

Topic: Environmental Activism

First version of the movie

Final version of the movie

About the changes made:

Since the first version was pretty rusty, we have made a huge amount of changes into the final cut. We added some background music as suggested. We also added more pictures for the movie to match the time limit. We also put some text into the movie. And of course, recorded our voices. But we made some changes to the script. Before even starting the final cut, we already knew we had a lot of improvisations to make. But the comments and feedback helped us in many ways. First of all, they gave us suggestions. Secondly, basing on their feedback, we are able to tell what our movie is like in their point of view. And lastly, they not only told us what we need to change but also what they liked about it. Which gave us some confidence.

About the expert:

Our expert was found by Razel Abraham through online. Her name is Amanda and she's the community education and outreach coordinator of Manitoba Eco-Network. She suggested that the topic we chose is very broad. Therefore, it would be a great idea to focus on one or two subjects only. For example, climate change/global warming, tar sands, air pollution, etc. She also pointed out that even a small organism can have a great effect to the whole environment. That is because everything in the ecosystem is all connected with each other. Another thing she taught us is that global climate change is a natural occurrence. Because the earth goes through warmer and cooler periods.

What was my greatest success in this project?
Honestly, for me, it was just getting things done on time and actually coming up with a decent movie. We started working on the movie late and by the end, we were cramming. And we didn't have enough time left. But my group still came through. And we ended up with a movie that was better than I expected. Thankfully we created these google documents that organized all the information we have collected.

What frustrated me during the movie project?

Well there were a few things that frustrated me. First of all, some of the programs we used weren't working quite right. For example, Windows Movie Maker kept freezing and shutting down. And at those times, the work I've done wasn't saved so I technically had to work my way from the beginning all over again. Also, what frustrated me was coming up with the whole idea itself. I mean, I know what my goal is. It is to created a two and a half minute long movie about my topic and will somehow make a difference and make people want to change their ways. But coming up with HOW to reach that goal was the hard part. I came through by starting with the basics. I just gathered up some researched information, put some pictures together, and added music to somehow give it some 'dramatic' feel.

Why is the 2 minutes to make a difference project important to grade 8 students?
In our age, our lives mainly revolve on a few things. Everyday is basically a routine. We wake up, go to school, and go back to bed. And our priorities are limited too. But this movie project gave us a greater understanding of the real world and the real problems and are happening day after day.
How will I make a difference in the future? Now that I have a better understanding, it will be much easier for me to be able to make a difference. Maybe do some volunteer work over the summer, recycle and reused whatever is possible, all sorts of stuff.


Allen's 2 minutes to make a difference FINAL REFLECTION

  1. Please embed your Google Doc, Version 1 and Final cut of your movie.
  2. Please reflect and talk about the changes you made between the first and final cut of your movie. Were the student comments helpful in making your final cut better?
  3. How did you find your expert? List 3 important points your expert added to your movie. What did you learn from your expert?
  4. How did you find your expert?
  5. If you did not find an expert tell us why you were unsuccessful. Be honest.
  6. What was your greatest success in the 2 minutes project. What skills will you take away with you and use in the future?
  7. What frustrated you during the movie making process? What strategies did you use to become successful?
  8. Why is the 2 Minutes project important to Grade 8 Students?
  9. How will you make a difference in the future?
  10. label your post 2minutes2010, reflection
1. Google Docs

First Draft

Final Cut

2. The students comments were really helpful. They pointed out some mistakes or we need something like voice's on our video or maybe a expert. We put voice's on our final cut and made the text inside the pictures instead of being on the other slides.

3. n/a ( expert didn't reply to our e-mail)

4. n/a

5. We were unsuccesful to get an expert because we tried to e-mail like 2 expert on climate change but they didn't reply on any of our e-mails.

6. Probably my great success on 2 minutes is we finish our video. I will take the skills of making a movie.

7. The thing the frustrated me was the windows movie maker we use, we can't put our voice's on it without taking out the music.

8. 2 minutes to make a difference is important to us Grade 8 students because we see what happening to the world and try and help somehow.

9. I will try and recycle or help on a charity, or like the movie Pay it Forward when i kid helps 3 person and those person help 3 more person and so on.


JerickR's 2 minutes to make a difference Final Reflection

In our video project first version we had a few errors . Errors like spelling , pictures , and information . So what we did was we read the comments and we changed things like spelling . We forgot to add an "s" to the end of some words , so we changed that . We also added a few things that we didn't have in the First Version such as a Bibliography , Credits and Voice. I would like to thank the people for commenting on our videos , which made our video much better .

Unfortunately we could not get an expert to answer our questions for this project . I talked to my sister who works in an Animal Testing Building and she said that finding an expert to tell us some information would be very difficult . We didn't give up , we looked on the Internet searching for groups in animal testing also in anti - animal testing . We found a few and emailed them but they said that the information is confidential . The way we got our information was from a binder full of printed information given by my sister Jennifer Reyes .

Our greatest success in our project was the pictures . We found a lot of pictures from the Internet . I learned a few things during this project , but the thing I will take along with me is using movie maker . I was taught how to use it from my group members . I'm not perfect at it , I'm just learning and want to learn in the future .

Their were a few things that frustrated me during the project . One , the project was given during basketball season with all the practices so my group barely got together . There was also another thing that frustrated me , when ever we did get together most of the time we were off task , so each group member stepped up and got us all on track . The strategy we used to succeed was to get everyone on task and give everyone an important job in the group , so no one did less or more , we all did the same amount of work.

2 Minutes To Make A Difference is important to grade 8s because in our age generation we don't know or care about the problems going on in the world such as Pollution , or Racism . So what 2 minutes to make a difference did was opened our eyes to see the problems that we once didn't care about . Also , we were told how we can make a difference in those problems .

In the future i will think twice of throwing garbage on the floor , and other things . I will actually care and acknowledge for things like Racism , Pollution , Animal Abuse etc.



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