Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Kisha's 2 Minutes to Make a Difference Final Reflection

1. Google Documents Slide Show

Version 1

Final Cut

2. The students comments were very helpful. They pointed out mistakes that we never noticed and fixed them right away. We've tooken out some pictures, added the interviewer, fixed some grammar, added how we could make a difference, and put the credits at the end of the video.

3. We looked up on google, and searched for poverty experts. We emailed all the ones we could find, and barely any of them answered in time, thats why we added it in the second video. Fortunately she replied back to our email a day before the final cut was due, and we got to get lots of information. We asked her how we could help, she said we could donate to charities, raise awareness and tell others about poverty, volunteer at local poverty organizations and we could ask our mom and dad to only buy fair trade food products. We learned from our expert that there are many different kind of ways we could make a difference.

6. I think that our greastest success in our project is the information that we put into our video. We got lots of important points, and we've learned from it that poverty is a serious situation. We used Windows Movie Maker to make our project, I think that i'll use that in the future because its very easy to use, and its really fun.

7.What frustrated me the was that we couldn't find an expert in time. When the first video was due, I wasn't sure if we could get it into our project. I've been emailing people for weeks and weeks, but everyone was so busy, and most of them didn't reply at all. I thought we would never find an expert. Then i asked Mr.Harbeck if we could put it into our second video, he said he would just add on the marks after he saw the second video. I wasn't sure if we'd even find one, but at the last second someone emailed us back and replied with lots of information.

8. I think that this project is very important to us because we need to learn how and why we should make a difference. If everyone participated in making all these changes to the issues in the world, they would all be fixed. I think we did this project to raise awareness about all the issues, and show how we should make a difference.

9. When my closet is getting too full, I will take the time to sort out which ones I want, don't fit, or some that I don't wear. Then I will keep the ones that I usually wear and put the others I don't need into a big bag. I could also do this with some other objects I don't need. After that, all i'll have to do is call someone to pick it up, or drive to a local charity organization and give away all the things I don't need to the poor. That way i'm helping others, rather than throwing useful stuff into the garbage.



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