Tuesday, May 4, 2010

2 Minutes to Make a Difference Final Reflection


2. The comments of the students were very helpful in making my final cut better.
I changed some of the font and image color so it would show up better and some spelling changes.

4. I found my expert by using Google and searching anti-racists and found a Canadian anti-racist council. Unfortunately he couldn't respond before I made my final cut.

6. My greatest success would probably be making everything by my self, with some help.
I will probably using the movie making skills I have acquired and the the ways to make a difference in the future.

7. The most frustrating thing was cutting the sound clip to just the right spot, I didn't really use a strategy I just kept trying until I got it right.

8. Honestly I would think its important because of how much it influences our grade, because honestly not many people besides us would see the video and unless someone really important sees them it wouldn't really be able to make a big difference.

9. I will try and make a difference by not making stereo-typical comments and stop people who do. Also I will try and make people aware of how it would feel if they were in others places and how much they would suffer though not by being racist to them.



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