Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Christine's 2 Minutes to make a Difference Final Reflection

Google Docs

Version 1

Version 2 Final Cut

2) The changes we made between Version 1 and Version 2 is we made the font better, we added the things we took for granted between here and Africa, made the voices clearer and blended it with the music, we also made the interview with an expert pictures bigger and clearer and version 2 is longer than version 1.
The students were very helpful. They found mistakes that we didn't see and added suggestions on how we can make version 2 better.

3) It was Kim who found an expert when she was looking through a website. I learned a lot of things from the expert. like...
- Many Africans had experienced having low self-esteem or discrimination.
- People who live in poverty can not live to their fullest potential.
- How we can reduce poverty.
The expert gave us lots of ideas on what poverty has done and what we could do to reduce the growth of poverty.

5) Our greatest success in our 2 Minutes would probably be having it finished.. because we spent a lot of time getting distracted. The skills i would want to use in the future is movie editing.

7) I was frustrated about my partners getting distracted and beginning to talk off-topic. We just had to keep focused on finishing the project on time.

8) 2 Minutes to Make a Difference is important for us grade 8s because we're starting to have awareness about the things happening around the world.

9) I will donate money in stores that helps poverty and trying not to be wasteful about the things I have.



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