Tuesday, May 4, 2010



2. Yes, the students comments on our video was very helpful. We changed some punctuations and some spelling errors.

3 & 4. We looked at our websites on our google docs and we emailed them or search up an expert on poverty and emailed them too. This is what an expert on extreme poverty told us..
- The most effective way is to donate to local charities.
- We could volunteer to work at a local organization that works against poverty.
-We could raise the awareness by telling others about poverty, and we could ask our mom or dad to buy fair trade products, so people could get paid a fair wage for their work.

6. My greatest success on making the movie is that we all worked together and we completed the assignment. I would use the ideas from the video and make a difference in the future.

7. The frustrating part of the movie making is that we had to find an expert and also, the music. Because, we had to make the cut out parts of the song and place it to a part where we want it to go. For the expert all we did was email a lot of experts and for the music there was none, we just tried to put it in the right spot.

8. I think this project is important to us, because if we didn't do this project we would know how to make a difference in the world. There are many types of issues going on in the world and without trying to make a difference the world would be a bad place.

9. Well, there are many ways we can help make a difference in Poverty. Such as donating to local charities or we can work at a place that helps stop poverty like the Solam Mission. There's many more ! We can all make a change if we were willing to make one.



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