Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Vicky's 2 minutes to make a difference final reflection

Google Docs

First draft

Final Cut

- The changes we made for version 2 were we recorded our voice again because the audio was very bad. We changed the font. We added more information. We also added why we needed to make a difference because in our first draft we didn't include that.

- We were searching the internet for companies or programs that are about povert, Kim found one and she contacted them and asked them questions. She gave us a lot of the answers that we could not find out ourselves. Such as:

  • Poverty prevents people from living to their fullest potential.
  • Many children who grow up in poverty have difficulty doing well at school or drop out of school.
  • This often means that they aren’t able to use all of the skills and talents that they have to contribute to our society.
- Our greatest success I guess was re-doing the video and recording before the due date. I think the skills I will take on later in the future is to use the time I have.

- I think the hardest part of the video was staying on task. Because we always got distracted. Another thing that fustrated me was recording because there was a small time frame to include so much narration.

- I think it's important to the grade 8's because we are at that we only think of ourselves. And by doing this we are thinking of others, not us. By this we are awaring people of these events that are happening.

- In the future what I would try to do to help is to donate money, food, & other things.



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