Monday, May 10, 2010


TODAY, during math class we did probability. Now, in the beginning we had to tell Mr.Harbeck what we already know about probability. These are the kind of things that we said..

-probability trees.

AFTER, we did that we talked about the types of probability. Such as,

Theoretical Probability

-what the math says SHOULD happen.

TP= favourable outcome over total possible outcome.
A COIN P(h) = head over head/tails.
= one half
So, There is a 50% probability by that the flip will be a head.

Experimental Probability
EP= favourable outcome over number of events
So, what we did was we flipped a coin about 11 times and we put those things in a ratio type form which looked like this..

P(h)= 7 over 12
= 0.583
= 58.3%
The experimental probability of a head was 58.3%

*to achieve a # closer to theoretical probability, you need to do more experiments.
AFTER, we did that we started talking about Probability Trees,
A COIN= H,T 2 Outcomes
A DICE= 1,2,3,4,5,6 6 Outcomes

P(t , >) = 3 over 12
= 25%
There is a 25% probability that there will be...
So, that's pretty much it for today's math class ( May 10, 2010 )
For homework we have to do the table and the homework book ( page 124, 125, 126. )
Thaanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it! Remember to COMMENT. ;)


hannah873 May 30, 2010 at 4:31 PM  

Good job Raquel! You pretty much mentioned everything that was talked about in class. Good job adding the diagrams also!


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