Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Krystal`s Reflection


2.The comments left behind on our first draft were very helpful. They were realizing stuff that neither Raquel, Kisha and I, haven`t even seen. They helped us make our video better by telling us about how we should take more pictures out and talk more about the main subject, they talked about how our pictures were very affective but how we need to make our main subject more obvious, and to fix our grammer errors.

3.We emailed many people to become the expert for our video. Finally we got an expert and we emailed her questions that we wanted to know. She was very helpful and gave us a lot to use in our video.

4.We emailed many people. We found this man who was willing to be our expert but he needed to go back to the UK first before we could interview him because he was in Taiwan. Unfortunetly, the volcanic ash delayed his flight and we weren`t able to use him as our expert. Luckily we found one and we were glad we did.

6.My greatest success was that I learned a lot from this project. I honestly want to do a lot more volenteering and donating because of what we learned for our project. It was really eye-opening for me. I will definitly be greatful for what I have and try to donate more.

7.The biggest frustration was probably having to find an expert. It was something that we desperately needed and it was really hard to find one. Especially when you can`t really have a quick conversation through emails. It took time and thank goodness we got one.

8.I think it`s important because at our age, it seems like it`s the right time to open their eyes and see how much different we all our in our own ways. Individuality. We feel like we`re alone with stuff like poverty, or abuse, ect. After we learned this , it does change. Probably not a lot, but it`s still something.

9.I will definity be donating more and volenteering. Trying to get the word out there more would be fantastic. If we could get more people to realize these issues in the world, we could stop poverty. In the summer I`m planning to volenteer at Silom and donate to the Salvation Army.



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