Wednesday, May 5, 2010

JerickR's 2 minutes to make a difference Final Reflection

In our video project first version we had a few errors . Errors like spelling , pictures , and information . So what we did was we read the comments and we changed things like spelling . We forgot to add an "s" to the end of some words , so we changed that . We also added a few things that we didn't have in the First Version such as a Bibliography , Credits and Voice. I would like to thank the people for commenting on our videos , which made our video much better .

Unfortunately we could not get an expert to answer our questions for this project . I talked to my sister who works in an Animal Testing Building and she said that finding an expert to tell us some information would be very difficult . We didn't give up , we looked on the Internet searching for groups in animal testing also in anti - animal testing . We found a few and emailed them but they said that the information is confidential . The way we got our information was from a binder full of printed information given by my sister Jennifer Reyes .

Our greatest success in our project was the pictures . We found a lot of pictures from the Internet . I learned a few things during this project , but the thing I will take along with me is using movie maker . I was taught how to use it from my group members . I'm not perfect at it , I'm just learning and want to learn in the future .

Their were a few things that frustrated me during the project . One , the project was given during basketball season with all the practices so my group barely got together . There was also another thing that frustrated me , when ever we did get together most of the time we were off task , so each group member stepped up and got us all on track . The strategy we used to succeed was to get everyone on task and give everyone an important job in the group , so no one did less or more , we all did the same amount of work.

2 Minutes To Make A Difference is important to grade 8s because in our age generation we don't know or care about the problems going on in the world such as Pollution , or Racism . So what 2 minutes to make a difference did was opened our eyes to see the problems that we once didn't care about . Also , we were told how we can make a difference in those problems .

In the future i will think twice of throwing garbage on the floor , and other things . I will actually care and acknowledge for things like Racism , Pollution , Animal Abuse etc.



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