Monday, April 12, 2010

Richard growing post fraction part 2

1. Fraction x Fraction. I'm going to show you how multiply fraction x fraction.

Example: 3/4 x 7/8 you can multiply numerator x numerator which is 3x7 =21.
You can also do the same thing to the denominator x denominator which is 4x8 and you should get 32. So the the answer is 21 over 32 and it should look like this 21/32

2.Fraction x Mixed number. Now i'm going to show you how to multiply fraction x mixed number.

Example: 2/5 x 1 and 1/5s. First convert thee mixed fraction to an improper fraction. So you need to multiply the whole which is 1 to the denominator which is 5. And you should get 5 over 5.It should like this.5/5. Then you multiply numerator x numerator which is 2x5 and it should equal to 10. Now you multiply denominator x denominator. which is 5x5. And it should equal to 25. So your answer should be 10 over 25. It should look like this 10/25.

3. Mixed fraction x Mixed fraction. In this one i'm going to show you how to multiply mixed fraction x mixed fraction.

Example: 5 and 1/3 x 3 and 1/3. So then as usual you need to always convert both mixed fraction into improper fraction. So it be 16/3 x 10/3. So then now you can multiply numerator x numerator. So it should be 16 x 1o= 160. And same thing happens in the denominator x denominator. It should be 9. So then the answer is 160 over 9. Like this 160/9



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