Thursday, April 29, 2010

Caitlin. T's 2 Minutes to Make a Difference Final Reflection

Version One

Version Two/Final Cut

2. Please reflect and talk about the changes you made between the first and final cut of your movie. Were the student comments helpful in making your final cut better?

What we did to make our video better was that we added background music, also talked louder. We also added more pictures, the credits at the end, and some information from a environmentalist. We added many things to our first draft from many of people's comment's.

3. How did you find your expert? List 3 important points your expert added to your movie. What did you learn from your expert?

Razel found an expert on some website.

- we added information like conserving gas.


-Conserve water and energy.

What I leaned was that global warming is not all our fault it became a natural occurrence which we probably can't fix.

4. How did you find your expert?

Well I found my expert on a website, but it wasn't a really good response that person told me. I searched up David Suzuki because he's a Canadian environmentalist but all I ended up was with a foundation.( I guess there's no contact to him anymore he's like 72 year's old..). We ended up using what Razel's response was since it was much better.

6. What was your greatest success in the 2 minutes project. What skills will you take away with you and use in the future?

The greatest success in my project was that we were able to actually finish on time and fix every problem there was to solve. I think everything there is to do to help earth that we were told are the skills I would always use from now on to help with earth because once we make a mistake on earth who knows what would happen.

7. What frustrated you during the movie making process? What strategies did you use to become successful?

What frustrated me was that I was being so negative that we ended up having a kind of bad version one video. All we did was went to Hannah's place to fix up a bit of thing's and Then Kaitlin and Hannah did the voices in the end.

8. Why is the 2 Minutes project important to Grade 8 Students?

The 2 Minutes project is not only important to us, 8 graders, but important for the world to know that the environment needs our help to use the 3 R's; Reduce, Re-use, Recycle. Our world will be non-existence if we do not do this. For example, our water and the people who pollute our water or the trees; the more we use the less chance we will have any in the future. We have to work together to keep our world alive and more healthier place to live so we can have more generations to come, life of not only us, but every non-living/living thing.

9. How will you make a difference in the future?

Well, in the future Also I would like to ask for there to be a law for only families to have only 1 or 2 children in the family to reduce over population. Also maybe I would like it if people could actually think and care for the earth because like what my video said "we'll only live once and so will the earth." The earth is almost 75% full with all cities and luxury. We should stop for once and maybe even have a No Luxury week to save power and electricity. And Always remeber the 3 R's reduce, reuse, recycle.



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